Business Networking In Reading

There are over 30 different networking organisations in the Reading Berkshire area. It has been said that you could network all day every day if you wanted too but which organisations are the best ones for you?

After a year of trial and error I have experienced a variety of different groups that could work for different people and different industries. The BNI which stands of Business Network International is the most successful networking organisation in the world. It was started in America by Dr Ivan Minster and has been the bench mark of profitable networking ever since. Their Ferocity is Givers Gain, if I give you business hopefully you would like to give me business in return.

Their meeting are very structured and are on a weekly basis starting promptly at 7am and finishing at 9am. This has been questioned by a lot of people saying it does not let working Mums have the opportunity to join and these people have now started to run afternoon meetings in its place. There is a lot of commitment when joining BNI not only financially but time wise as well, but if you are prepared to do all of this then you really get out what you put in.

Ladies who Latte meets at the Copthorne Hotel in Reading once a month and as suggested in the title this is an all women networking event. There is a turn out of about 20-25 women and is very much a social lunch as well as business events. Most of the women attending these Ladies who Latte meetings are promoting products, massages, holidays and the like. Most are generally working part time or are just stepping out into business.

Mary Flavelle networking takes place all over the Berkshire area but the nearest one to Reading is in Bracknell at the Bear Keller by the John Nike Centre. This is a monthly Networking Event run by Mary herself. Mary is an extremely passionate and fun person to know and her breakfast meetings are extremely popular and up beat attracting a group of over 30 local networkers. This is a group not to be missed.

NRG Networking is run by David Clarke at Wokefield Park in Mortimer. This is a lunch time meeting. They run business seminars before each business networking lunch. These pre-lunch seminars cover business or personal development topics as well as giving people the opportunity to network. Seminar topics are chosen with the independent professional in mind. The kinds of people that attend this event are mostly experienced business owners.

Duffnuts is a new local networking group which is run by some experienced local networkers. This is a free event which takes place at the moat house in Sindlsham on the last Friday of every month. There is usually a great turn out of about 25-30 local business people. There is free parking out side and you are able to order some lunch from the restaurant if you wish. I have found there to be a lot of regulars that attend Duffnuts so it is a great way to build strong relationships.

Word of Mouse is a franchise and was started by the directors of The Business Referral Exchange. The idea of this networking group is to network on line and off line and costs £25 per month which you can pay as you go. When using the web you join a power circle and there will only be one person from one industry in each circle. The area coordinator will arrange monthly meeting and make sure that everyone is contributing effectively and will help and improve when needed.

Networking in your local area is very important not only to achieve referrals and to make local connections but to give and receive great advice as well. The idea is to not sell to the room but to make strong relationships which will hopefully result in business in the future. Networking should not be a short term fix and if you go in with that attitude then you will come out with nothing. Make sure you have goals for networking just like you would with any sort of marketing and advertising so you know what you want to achieve out of each and everyone. This stops people treating the networking event like a socials meeting.

Happy Networking.

Business Networking: 5 Tips For Absolute Beginners

Business networking is an absolute must if you want to run a profitable business. Without networking with others, you’ll lose out on potential clients and profitable projects. If you are a new business owner or an absolute beginner at business networking, follow these five tips to get out there and network like a pro.

Business Networking: Give a Free Talk to a Local Group

Nonprofit organizations, community clubs, and hobby groups are always looking for guest speakers for meetings, luncheons, dinners, conferences, and other events. Offer to deliver a short speech at your favorite group’s next meeting so that the entire audience can be exposed to your knowledge and experience. Use the time immediately following your talk as business networking time. Work the room, exchange business cards with audience members, and provide additional information about your business.

Business Networking: Online Networking

Online networking has taken the world by storm. In the past, you had to attend a meeting or go to a conference to get the opportunity to do successful business networking. Now, sites like Schmoozii and LinkedIn offer professionals around the world the opportunity to network with others. The best thing about online networking is that you can connect with people from all different countries and industries, expanding your business network.

Business Networking: Join a Tips Club

Tips clubs (also called leads clubs) are great for business networking. The premise of such an organization is simple – members network with each other and refer each other to friends, family members, and business associates. One of the great things about these organizations is that they only allow one person from each type of business to join. For example, once a copywriter joins, no more copywriters are allowed to join unless that person leaves the organization. This means you won’t be competing against dozens of people for the same referrals.

Business Networking: Giving Back

Nonprofit organizations are always trying to accomplish more with less money and fewer staff members to keep things going. If you have a skill or talent that would benefit a nonprofit group, volunteer your services or offer your professional services at reduced rates. This is a great business networking technique because you can meet people from all industries, showcase your skills, and give back to your community at the same time.

Business Networking: Business Cards

Business networking often involves group meetings or special events. You need to have a business card with you at these events because, let’s face it; you don’t want to be the guy writing his phone number down on a cocktail napkin. Your business card should look professional, have all of your contact information included, and have value for its recipients. Many business owners choose to print a calendar, ruler, or other useful tool on the backs of their cards so that people hang on to them for a long time.

These business networking tips will help you break out of your shell and find the leads you need to take your business from startup to sensation.

Three Reasons Why You Avoid Business Networking Events

Do you go out of your way to avoid business networking meetings? Do you tell yourself that networking doesn’t work for you? Do you view business networking strictly as the domain for the confident or extrovert?

Well if the response is yes to any of these questions read on and you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that business networking could provide you with a goldmine of opportunity, one which you could tap into more easily than your think.

Let’s dispel some myths first:

Myth 1: Networking is only for those who like to talk….wrong!

In fact those who like to talk about themselves at the expense of listening to others are actually probably the worst networkers. Business networking is all about relationship building with others in order that they can get to know, like and trust you. Those who talk and do not listen do two things: they fail to understand the needs of those they are talking to and secondly end up boring the other person. This is not a good start to building up relationships.

So if your strength is listening rather than talking you are already one step ahead of the game.

Myth 2: You have to be good at selling to be a good networker…wrong!

Well partly wrong…business networking isn’t about giving a sales pitch for your services and closing the sale, but it is all about selling yourself. This means that when you go to a networking event you need to relax and be yourself, then people will see the real you. If you start pretending to be someone you aren’t then others will see through this façade and whether it is consciously or unconsciously they will not trust you.

In fact many business people who dislike conventional sales techniques such as cold-calling opt for the softer option of business networking or referral marketing because building business in this way is based on developing relationships.

Myth 3: You are the only person who will feel nervous at a networking event…wrong!

When faced with a room full of strangers there are few people who will say they relish making those first steps to approaching someone to talk to, especially when they have arrived alone. But remember, everyone is there for the same reason – to meet people, so think how delighted someone will be if you go and join them, especially if they too are on their own.

If you struggle for topics to start the conversation, ask some easy open-ended questions that will quickly help you to build rapport with the other person. For example ‘What other events do you go to?’ or ‘where do you come from’ or ‘What do you do?’

So, what other business networking tips should you take with you to your next event to help boost your confidence?
Undoubtedly your top tip is to be prepared. Know where you are going, arrive plenty in time and find out what the format of the event is.

Have your elevator pitch prepared – this is the brief sound bite you give when someone asks you what you do. If you will be giving a formal 60 second pitch, ensure this too is prepared in advance.

Dress appropriately for the event but try to wear what you feel comfortable in.

Prepare some simple rapport-building questions you can ask anyone to get the conversation started and take plenty of business cards with you.

So apply all these tips, be prepared to stick with it and soon you will find that networking is no longer a chore but an enjoyable way to grow your business.

Benefits Of Business Networking Groups Exclusively For Women

Just as it is for men in the business world, for women in business, life is just as hard and some would say somewhat harder. I’ve launched a new business venture and know exactly how hard it is to get a small business enterprise off the ground.

I’m a passionate believer in business networking because my business has grown as a result, in fact I’ve seen so much power in word of mouth marketing that I know run my own business networking clubs in the area where I live.

Exclusive women only business networking groups are becoming more and more common but does it really make sense? After all the basis of business networking is that you want to convey your business services to fellow networking partners so that they can refer clients to you, so why would you want to cut your audience in half (potentially less than half) by restricting it just to women?

The fact is that many women feel more comfortable in an all woman environment and actually get to trust other networking partners much quicker. There’s evidence to suggest that women network better than men because women focus more on the relationship building whereas men will focus on the end result of getting the referral. Having both networking partners in line is surely bound to deliver a faster and more powerful result.

Whether it’s politically correct or not to say so, it’s clear that in some business circles, women are still perceived to be less than equal. I think that there are countless examples of great women in business to demonstrate that this perception is a completely outdated position and gradually it is dying but not before time. So again when it comes to feeling comfortable when networking, clubs exclusive to women meet the need.

Many women running small businesses also have to juggle family life and therefore feel an affinity with other women in the same situation. It may help build rapport or it may simply just help understand the challenges but whatever the reason it helps get to that point in the relationship where you know, like and trust the other person and so are ready to start giving and receiving referrals.

Many traditional networking groups have been established over decades and probably don’t fit in with family life in terms of the meeting times. Women’s networking clubs understand this point and ensure that the meeting times are at a time of day that isn’t going to conflict with the school run. This may be the difference between being able network or not.

So it’s not really about cutting your audience in half, there’s clear reasons why all women networking clubs work well but by nature of the fact that half the business population is excluded, womens business networking clubs should be regarded as complementary to the networking concept as a whole and not a substitute.

So why aren’t there all male business networking clubs?….come on, that would be sexist!

Know more about Business Networking Groups

The networking systems are reaching sky height at the present day. More than 50 per cent of the total population of the world are connected with each other via networking systems. Nowadays people do most of the things with the help of several networking systems, like shopping, contacting with others, selling, banking, studying, and many more. People also start doing business with their integrated business networks paradigm; it is a kind of business which are organised by the social networking. In this type of social networking, only business minded people are able to enter and do their activities. In business networking, people can create a new business relationship and bring more opportunities for the business. With that type of networking, the dimension of a business also gets bigger and at the same time new technology can influence the business too.

Business Networking Groups

A bunch of people serving the same thing is commonly known as a group. When many groups are gathering together and serve the same purpose, the business networking groups become more cost effective. The main objective of these groups is selling a product or promoting a company regardless of the purpose. The business networking groups also have effective communication with the other members of the groups. It helps to keep the consistency of the networking systems. Many times the organisation faces difficulties to maintain the networking group. Only suitable technological networking systems will give those organizations the efficiency to control those difficulties.

Business Referral Network

Referral network system is a traditional marketing procedure that promotes the product by speaking to the customers directly and spreading the business. A business referral is developed by the trading provided by the organization. The organizations also use referral to motivate and guide the individuals those who are already in the business networking. They deliver small video clip or a speech to the members or sometimes a direct conversation with the help of networking system. The traditional marketing referral is famous because it is fully digital and developed. The best thing about a business referral network is that it can be delivered to many people at the same time without spending any extra cost.

Business Referral Groups

The business referral groups are also developed in several places of the world as the networking organisations hope to run their businesses all over the world. In the United States Of America and United Kingdom, there are corporations that are building their business referral groups, but not a particular region. The benefits of referral group are that the primary organization sometimes does not have to influence or make the strategy. Depending on the regional expectations, the group members are taking the initiatives for the organisation.

Business networking is already getting popular all over the world. Especially in the western world, business networking is growing very fast. But the good thing about business networking is people from other parts of the world are also able to enter into that particular networking system if they wish to. With less labour and the technological expertise, people can get benefits from the business networking.

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Confuse Business Networking and Social Networking at Your Peril

I started researching business networking & social networking websites to find out how many there are and what they offer. Most of us have heard of Facebook and MySpace when it comes to the social side and to a lesser extent, Twitter of course, and LinkedIn is starting to emerge as the benchmark for online business networking.

I tried hard to find a list of social networking sites so that could see the playing field but still found it difficult to understand exactly what each site is good for. As I started to think about it there’s also the other angle that you need to decide what you are trying to achieve.

For example, many businesses use social networking as a method to promote their online businesses and some would say in a subversive manner, other more traditional businesses are actually looking to be part of a wider group of peers where ideas can be discussed.

This latter idea is true online business networking and the core platform offering from many business networking websites is to allow you to build up a network of contacts, to interact with other members to share ideas and pass referrals. Some of the more sophisticated also offer the opportunity to “meet” with investors so the site actually becomes and means to financing your business venture.

If you’ve had a dabble on Facebook purely for the interest then you’ll know how easy it is to get really carried away and lose a lot of time. This is my word of warning about any online networking – it can take over your life! Always come back to what is true to your business objectives, don’t get sucked into fun discussions, remember that business is business and those that remember this are the ones that succeed.

Having said that, you can’t ignore social networking altogether. For many it’s just a bit of fun but for others it’s a serious way to promote their online businesses. Whether it’s on line or face to face, one thing remains true about networking and that is that it all works through the power of word of mouth.

How many times have you received a joke via e-mail or text message? And if it’s a good one, what do you do? If you’re like me you pass it on to your friends. Now imagine doing the same if it were a link to your business website, traffic to your site would grow exponentially in a short space of time. This is the principle that many on line businesses use so next time you get a recommendation for a website through any social media, think about where it has come from and what’s the motivation behind it.

To summarise, online business networking and social networking appear to fulfil similar needs but from a business perspective they could be further apart with business networking meeting the needs of a traditional network for business whereas social networking is used to promote business in a more subtle manner.

Paul Yates offers Business Networking Tips and information about social media marketing together with a list of social networking sites.

A Spider’s Web Advantage In Business Networking

Aside from securing you with effective business marketing online, entrepreneurs interested in joining networking groups also can receive perks as soon as they sign up in business networking sites.

The internet has made the world a smaller place for any person who has access to it. Proof is the mushrooming of so many social networking sites one can sign in for free. In these sites, there are always new things to do like, being introduced to new people, building ties, reuniting with long lost friends or engaging in forums with people all over the world. Entrepreneurs doing business online have their own networks, and they have their own perks too.

Business networking is a common phenomenon in the world of entrepreneurs. They are built for businesses to come together essentially to share business referrals and other business opportunities to one another in a more personal manner, in meetings they can have outside the circle. Because of such networks, businesses can have strong connections with each other when the need to expand arises or when there seems to be trouble in achieving goals. Through this system entrepreneurs extend their help to each other and at the same time establish important relations that could help each member prosper. Being a part of business network group is also a cost-efficient way to gain support from the business community while having people back you up in the promotion of your products and services. Some businesses need other business’ products and services, through networking businesses can find their best partners hence deals can be made without fuzz.

Business networking groups have also already established their websites for online businesses to avail of the benefits of being a part of a network. Business networking sites are functional for any online business because through them business marketing can be done in a breeze. The foundation of an online business is on how well products are endorsed and how much sales are made. Because everything online is fast-paced the threats of competition is doubled hence, the success of these processes could be hindered. The facilitation of the sale of their products or services can happen in a more effective way through business networking sites. Of course, because there are so many online businesses, there is also a lot of business networking websites to choose from, each offering different benefits and prizes for their members. Aside from being effective in business marketing online, there are also perks in joining business networking groups.

Online business networking groups provide big discounts for its members when they avail of products from their co-members’ businesses. Also, membership to this group that happens on the website is free and any member has a chance at their lotteries where incredible prizes are up for grabs. In other words, through a business networking website, any entrepreneur can instantly become a member and have the opportunity to create ties and widen opportunities.

Doing business whether it be in a small or large community, online or not is serious matter. Truly, there are benefits of joining a business networking group, just like joining an online social network, you get to know more people, exchange conversations and produce transactions. However, what is most important in being a member of any business networking group online is to know whether the services and the benefits offered really work.

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