Business Networking Events

Networking is crucial, important, and a must for every organization that must grow. However, identifying that networking is important is not enough, the crucial step is how to network. Networking events offer a very great opportunity for entrepreneurs and business leaders to network their business. How to move is imperative in life and in business, one place to learn how to move is at business networking events.

Business networking events are business events that usually held across cities, towns, and countries that provide professionals the opportunity to meet and connect with professionals in the same field or business.

Business networking events, help your business:

  1. Get fresh ideas
  2. Get access to job opportunities
  3. Build confidence
  4. Get answers to bothering questions
  5. Develop long-lasting personal relationships

Interestingly, knowing the importance of these business events is not enough, you should also learn how to maximize your presence at business networking events. Here are a few tips to make your presence at business events meaningful and yield result:

Be real: appear and speak real

This is as crucial as your reputation. Never attend events appearing fake or unreal. It is not good for your business. Allow everyone to meet your real self, it will help you make good connections.


Be Friendly

You must learn how to relate with people and start-up meaningful conversations that will build their interest in yourself and your business.

Ask questions

Never assume, it is a very wrong thing to do. If you are not clear about what you are taught or about who you met, ask questions. The questions could be personal or for your business, ensure you ask, it clears uncertainty and make you more knowledgeable. Though most people consider asking questions, especially from strangers to be embarrassing, do not see it like that. Asking questions is a sign of strength, a sign that you are willing to learn that which you do not know. And, as the saying goes, he who asks, never misses the road.

Meet the right people

It is a very wrong thing to meet everyone in an event. Select specific individuals, who have similar businesses and would be helpful to your personal growth and business growth. Don’t just take on the crowd and increase your phone contact list with people with whom you do not connect and share no similar ideas. Be selective in your networking.

Be specific

One way of maintaining connections is to be specific in introducing yourself. Let the introduction be concise and simple, stories are not needed, cut them! Go straight to who you are and what you do. Let the person you are connecting with know you’re a person of value, an asset to them.

Set realistic expectations

Don’t allow too many expectations to crowd your mind at an event, just have few expectations that are very important and realistic. It helps you stay focus and concentrated.

Attend as many events as possible, your attendance would always worth it.

Business Networking Groups

Every promising business must recognize that standing alone only makes the company achieve results faster, connecting with similar businesses will make the business go far. The importance of rubbing minds with other business leaders cannot be overemphasized. A futuristic business is one that is willing to increase its customer base, increase the number of products, and expand the market. One of the easiest ways to increase your business customer base is to network. There are networking groups in your community that would assist you to network your business and even refer customers to your business. There are a lot of business networking groups, but I would be sharing the result proven one’s so you can join one now! Trust me you need a business networking group; they make networking easier with the cheaper result. The best networking groups are:

Chamber of commerce


This is the best networking group for every business in the commerce sector. You must be active in the group, attend meetings, and volunteer for committees. The more active you are, the better for your business.


It is one of the most reputable service organization, whose membership is decided by the administrators. In this group, your involvement determines your rewards.


One of the best business networking groups with the largest referrals. They are majorly for service-oriented professionals. Referrals are not automatic; they are usually earned. What you get from optimist is not only referrals but a group of businessmen & women, who are driven and willing to put in their all into what they do.

Local merchant association

As the name implies, this networking group is for local trade merchants that meet monthly to listen to a business speaker, learn from the speaker, discuss, network, and grow.

Women in business networking

This group is essentially created to empower women and help them work with others to achieve their goals.

As good as business networking groups are, they also have some dangers. Be careful in your choice of networking group. Not all networking groups fit your business, be wise!

Some dangers of business networking groups are:

  1. It is not all the group’s operations that will align with your business goals. Some of these groups are strictly for service firms not for business. Please ensure you select the best.
  2. There is a lack of adequate information from some of these groups to her members.
  3. Complexity & Ambiguity

The mode of operation of some networking groups are very complex. Their method of earning referrals are always ambiguous for group members to understand.

Business networking groups fast track your business progress, don’t hesitate, never procrastinate. Select a good one and be part of them now.

Business Networking International

One of the major ways of growing your business is to network. In all sincerity you don’t have enough networking knowledge like the professionals in the field. There are a lot of firms that are available to help you network, one of such networking firm is the business network international.

 The organization is an American franchised networking organization that has large members and located worldwide. Their major advantage is that members congregate once a week to talk business and advance each other’s businesses by sharing referrals. It is the leading referral organization. It was founded in 1985 by Ivan Misner.

To become a member of a business networking international, you would attend up to two meetings, after which you would be required to submit a membership application, if you wish to attend further meetings. A member will be disqualified when they miss more than 3 meetings in six months. However, members are to notify the organization about their absence.  Membership is renewed annually, on the same date a particular business joins the organization, and dues are to be paid alongside application renewal.

It is possible for a business to have multiple representatives, provided each representative from the business belongs to a different zone, and they pay separate fees for every single representative. Meetings take place in hotel conference rooms, restaurants, and other locations that allow people to meet. Every meeting usually has an educational piece that helps members improve their networking and referral skills. Members are also allowed to present a weekly commercial for their business, in which they request referrals or otherwise discuss what sort of business they are looking for in 45-60 seconds. Referrals and business promotion are a very great value of the business networking international.

Why should I be part of a business networking international?

  • They will help increase your business prospects. Knowing what is going on in the international sphere of your work helps you incorporate that into your own business and makes you a global competitor, rather than a local one.
  • You will have access to exclusive programs and opportunities to sharpen your presentation and business skills. Resources abound in large amounts, and you can put them to use to boost your knowledge and skills.
  • Offers of mind-blowing networking opportunities. Meeting people in your field and industry and connecting with them can never be overrated. There is no way you will not need people in your business and networking is one of the ways to do this, and also to get more opportunities than what will come your way if you’re a lone wolf.
  • Exclusive member resources. As an exclusive member, some resources are available to only you, and not to any other regular person.
  • Business referrals and increased customer size. One of the things you benefit is also referrals and recommendations from other people in your circle.

The company you keep determines what accompanies you. Business Network International is a good company to keep.

Business Networking

The goal of every business is to be the market leader and be the best. One of the ways to lead the market is to increase sales and the only way to increase sales is to increase customers.

How do you increase your customers?

The only way to increase customers is to network.

What is business networking?

This is the process of connecting with other business people, searching for clients, and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the public with the major aim of selling your business to them. It can also be defined as the act of convincing the entire public that your business is the best.

Key factors of business networking

  • The goal of the business
  • Type of business
  • Type of market
  • Type of product
  • Customers

It has already been established that networking is vital for every business that wants to remain relevant. However, some factors hinder networking.

The following are the challenges of business networking and their solutions:


It is usually a big problem for businesses to make their network reach a very large population. Consistency in small shots makes a big shot. It is more advisable that businesses start small to become big, rather than starting big to end small. The solution to the problem of networking larger is to discover your niche and start-up from there, gradually the business will expand.

Locating the right people

Networking involves connecting people. it is usually very hard to locate the exact people that need your products and services. The way out of this challenge is to carefully search for people that are relevant to your business, locate your market, find customers that need your product, and network with them. They are the right people. This can be done both online and offline. You can make use of business platforms on the internet to search for the right kind of people for your business.

Low income

Despite the large amount spent on networking, businesses still don’t experience a major increase in their income. To eradicate this problem, businesses need to become more resourceful and offer help or resources to others so they can know about your business.


Every business must know that the medium of communication is a major determinant of how successful their networking would be. If communication is not effective, networking will not be effective. Ensure you select a favorable medium of communication for the different groups you are networking with.


Business networking is quite expensive. Not all businesses can afford to network maximally, hence such firms should go for cheaper alternatives. Do everything possible to minimize cost.

The larger the size of your customer, the bigger your profit!

Business Leadership Programs

Various factors make for business leadership, one of such factors is attending leadership programs. You might be an effective and vibrant leader, but you are not yet the best. Knowledge makes you better. There are diverse avenues for learning such as reading, browsing the internet, and also attending programs. The latter seems to be the most expensive which is the reason leaders don’t attend programs. Truthfully, leadership programs are expensive, but they offer you the best experience in terms of knowledge, skills, training & expositions.


Why business leadership programs?

Leadership programs have proven over the years to be the best avenue for business growth and development. It avails every business leader the privilege to meet other leaders and professionals. you also gain access to networking with great minds. Leadership programs usually have the most conducive learning environment in comparison with reading articles where you don’t get to meet the writer. Leadership programs are the best place to ask your questions and get professional answers.

Benefits of Attending Leadership Programs

Learn how to increase employee engagement

One of the major concerns in business leadership is engaging employees. Some leaders utilize their employees, some underutilize, while others don’t engage them at all. You must know how to engage your employees because they are assets of the business and their input determines the business output.

Decision making

So many leaders are frustrated because they never know the best option to select or the best choice to make. When you attend leadership programs, you would be gain clarity, mastery, and knowledge to make wise decisions.

Leadership style

There are a lot of leadership styles beginning from authoritarian to servant leadership. But not all are suitable for your business. How would you identify the best for your business? The only way to identify the best is to attend leadership programs because the speakers are more experienced.

Skill Acquisitions

Majority of business leadership programs also offer skill acquisition training for leaders to provide them with the best skill set for the growth and development of their business

Learning and development

Remember, you don’t know it all. Make efforts to continue seeking knowledge as this will help boost your business. Gain knowledge from people that are ahead of you, so that you can get exposure and inspiration for your career path.


The best place to make connections is at leadership programs. It offers you the opportunity to meet professionals who do better than you do and also have ideas that will make your business grow and even proffer solutions to other real-life issues.

There is no shortcut to success. It demands to learn. Learning is continuous, never stop learning. Learning is continuous, never stop learning. As they say, the fast way in is also the fast way out. Don’t rush into success and rush out.

Take your time and see how long-lasting your business will be!

Business Leadership Ethics

There is a lot of difference between knowing the right thing and doing the right. Knowledge is not enough, applied knowledge is essential. Ethics simply means principles that guide a person’s conduct especially a member of a profession, while ethical business leadership is directing your business with respect for moral beliefs, values, and also for the rights of others. Its major concern is ethical advancement and virtue. The most important word in ethical leadership is moral conduct. Sometimes, doing the right thing may seem hard or hurting but an ethical leader must still do the right thing. The major concerns of business ethics are:

  1. The society
  2. Employees
  3. Customers

Society: every ethical leader has to ensure that the activities and operations of the firm are not harmful to the society, lives, and properties of the members of the society. Every business owes the society the right not to be misled by the information released about its products. The last responsibility of the business is to give back to society. (Corporate social responsibility)

Employees: They are the greatest asset of every business. The success and development of the business depend on their input, abilities, and skills. It is therefore paramount that you treat them very well. i.e. pay salaries when due, provide working equipment, suitable working conditions, and qualitative training. If your employees are better, your business will be better!

Customers: They decide the future of the business. The business, therefore, has an ethical duty to provide standard goods. It is a punishable offense for a business to produce sub-standard or harmful goods.

Principles of business ethics

Law Abiding

The right thing for every business is to obey the laws of the country and also the rules and regulations relating to the business.

Reputation and morale

A good name is better than silver and gold. Every ethical leader must ensure that the reputation of the firm is not dragged in the mud.


Every good leader must account for the resources of the firm accurately without mismanagement.

Respect for others

Ethical leadership entails equity. Everyone deserves to be treated well, respected, enjoy human dignity, autonomy, and privacy rights, regardless of sex, race, or origin.


A business that is not fair is not ethical. Your business must be opened to the public, willing to admit wrongs, committed to justice and equal treatment of individuals.


Stay true to your customers, be devoted to the society at large and never do anything that will harm the public


This connote wholeness of character demonstrated by the consistency between thoughts words and actions.


 An ethical business leader must always be honest in all of their dealings with people as this affect the reputation of the business. Honesty is the cornerstone of trust.

Doing the right thing, is doing a good thing. Never compromise standard. It is inestimable!

Business Leadership Articles

Every business that is set to lead must be ready to learn. Articles are stories, report or opinion piece in a newspaper, magazine, journal, etc. the stories of others and opinions are usually a very good guide on the ladder of success. no man is an island of knowledge, so also is business. There are millions of business leadership articles available on the internet for your business to learn from.

Features of a good business leadership article:

  • Direct: you might claim to be knowledgeable, but you don’t know more than people that are ahead of you. Most of the writers of business articles direct the path of their readers and make them effective and efficient in business.
  • Teach: articles don’t only direct, they also teach you the exact things to be done. Be open-minded and be willing to learn. Articles are a collection of the information needed in your line of business and the writer has already simplified and put them together in a way that is direct and easy to read, so that you do not have to waste time, checking through many websites on the internet for the same information you can get in one single article.
  • Guide: The best way to avoid making mistakes is to be led by people that know better. Articles guide every reader as to the step and decision to be taken. If your business is properly guided, it will never be stranded! And it is good that most times, this guide comes from those who are experienced in your line of business, so their advice can be trusted.
  • Instruct: This is an advanced method of teaching. A good business leadership article will not only teach, but it also instructs the business on what to do. Instructions may seem hard but following them elevates your business. Due to their direct and straightforward nature, instructions yield results faster because they have been tested by time and experience by those who have gone before you in your line of business.
  • Motivate: One important feature of an article is motivation. The benefit of reading is to get encouraged. Articles also provide the incentive to stay in that business. Life generally can be difficult, but running a business can be even more difficult, and sometimes, you need some morals or vibe to keep you going. This vibe can be found in articles, and you may find the motivation to keep going and never give up.

Importance of business articles

  1. They are solution providers.
  2. They increase your knowledge and boost your productivity.
  3. Personal growth & development.
  4. Business growth and development.
  5. They provide a guide and map on how to run your business.

Readers are leaders. Continue reading and learning, it is the best way to becoming a business leader!

Business Leadership Conferences in 2019

Knowledge is power! There is no business without secrets. To succeed in your business, you must trade secrets. One of the ways of discovering the secret of your business is to attend conferences. There is nothing more helpful than conferences. The advantages of attending conferences are innumerable.

Check out the best leadership conferences in 2019!

Leader cast live

The conference gave practical guidance on how to enhance your leadership, both for yourself and your team. It held in Duluth, on May 10.

World business forum

This conference held in New York, on November 20-21. It is for anyone whose goals include growing their business sporadically, cultivating unique delivery among teams, and also developing an organizational system that amounts to success in years to come. The event included speakers who are entrepreneurs, thinkers, and sportspeople. The conference also focused on issues most relevant to business people and also provided the best way to meet and network with successful people in their profession.

EY strategic growth forum

This forum is recognized for bringing together experienced and vibrant speakers from the different continents of the world. one of the features of this conference is that it allows spouses to come and enjoy the festivities as well. Ernst & young gains the trust of the people by giving support to entrepreneurs. It is concluded with the yearly United States national awards ceremony, which is known as one of the largest gatherings of entrepreneurs in the country.


This conference is gradually becoming North America’s fastest-growing technology conference as well as the largest gathering of entrepreneurs. It reached 25000 attendees last year, been its sixth year of existence. There are several speakers usually present at the conference.

Tugboat institute summit 2019

The institute summit held on June 25-28. It is a membership organization that connects CEOs from various sectors to share their experiences and knowledge for others to learn. There are usually purpose-driven leaders who can build and scale private and market-leading businesses. One of their best characteristics is that they are selfless. They are considered one of the most influential companies in redefining success.

Forbes 30 under 30 summit

One of the largest conferences with a large number of speakers. Their speakers include young entrepreneurs, investors, and celebrities to learn, share ideas, network, collaborate, and recruit. Every attendee of the event attested to the fact that they met unique experts who challenged their perspective and resulted in much more personal growth.

Learning is a cycle; it never comes to an end. If you want your business to succeed and lead, then learning is a must!  

Business Leadership Styles

To be a business leader is the dream of all businesses. In attaining the peak of your business, you must know that what works for one individual or team may not work for another. This does not dispute the fact that not all methods are correct. Every business that wants to lead must recognize their best style of leadership to ensure effectiveness. your style of leadership is as important as leadership itself.

Below are some effective business leadership styles:

Authoritarian leadership

This style positions the executive at the center of the decision-making process. They direct other members of the team on what to do and how to do it. Executives do not take part in the activities of the organization, they only direct and monitor the team.

Participative leadership

This style is better than the former as it empowers employees with increased influence, responsibilities, and also involvement in decision making.

Laissez-faire leadership

It is a very good style as it enables all group members to make a decision, but it is usually negligible in practice.

Directive leadership

Do you always control employee and tell them exactly what to do and what not to do? If yes, you are a direct leader. One of the advantages of this style is that it employs transactional techniques such as rewards and punishments to drive results. Direct leaders don’t intentionally seek dominance, but they believe domineering is the best way to get results.

Transformational leadership

These leaders are the most respected and honored by employees. They directly work with employees to create a vision and identify change. The style is very effective because they inspire their team through communication and collaboration. Transformational leaders serve as a role model for other team members.

Servant leadership

This is another leadership style that fosters growth, and development in the business. It encourages collaboration, trust, and empathy. This style demands long term commitment, accountability, and loyalty. The servant leadership prevent control over employees, avail the managers’ opportunity to trust their team members, build confidence in themselves and their team members.

Bureaucratic style

The bureaucratic style operates with rules. It is very rigid and makes every member follow set procedures. Every business that desire innovation or creativity must never adopt this style because it restricts the activities of members of the team. It is most preferred by routine-oriented jobs.

Transactional leadership

Leaders in this style focus on exchange i.e. accepting a job is a sort of transaction. When you agree to take a job, you have to complete the outlined task and follow the leader’s instructions. This style enhances clarity of job.

Getting the peak of your business is not the problem, but sustaining your position is more important. Your style of leadership will help sustain your business position. Select the best!

Business Leadership Tips

There is no business that you want to venture into, that is new. Some certain individuals are ahead of you. You have the challenge of surpassing these individuals to be the best. To be a business leader, you must be willing to sacrifice and be diligent. Most times, you would be discouraged about the business, some other times, you would be confused about want to do. Irrespective of this circumstance, being the best must remain your priority.

What is business leadership?

This is the ability of a firm management team to set goals, achieve goals, make intelligent and smart decisions and ensure they do everything within their ability to be better than their competitors and set the pace for others to follow. Setting goals are not usually the major task, the most profound task is achieving those goals. Many factors can help your business achieve her business goals and be the leader in that business.

Here are proven business leadership tips:

Be opened

There is no secret anywhere. If your business must lead, you must disclose all important information to your employees, and everyone involved. The alignment of corporate goals with individual goals is very crucial. Ensure your team is aware of all the necessary information.

Be Empathic

Every member of your team is important. You must engage all of your team members, and ensure you are a selfless leader. Be caring, respect your employee’s opinion, and always observe their thoughts, feelings, or state of action.

Be Realistic

This point is crucial in goal setting. You must know that some goals are not realistic and will waste the resources of the organization and even the strength of the employees. If your goals are not in line with the vision of the firm, then it should be canceled.

Plan & Strategize

This is the arrangement and control of the resources of the business to achieve the goals of the organization. Every business that desires success must ensure they plan effectively. There should be no assumptions, all facts and figures must be accurate. Planning decides the future of the business. Decide your method of production, cost strategy, your market, your niche, your price, how to compete, etc. when your business fails to plan, you already plan to fail!

Clarity of vision and communication to workers

When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. The goals/ vision of the firm must not be ambiguous. The business leaders must also ensure they communicate the vision clearly and effectively.

Motivate & reward

Everyone needs motivation and reward. These two factors make employees do better and encourage them to meet the target of the firm.


The last factor here is to make sure your business earns the trust of customers. Ensure that your product details are true and never misleading.

The major aim of a business is to maximize profit. Do everything to make your business profitable. Stay at the top!